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Curious Dealer Belgium - Boutique en ligne

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Curious Dealer Belgium - Boutique en ligne

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Curious Dealer Belgium: your online wholesaler and antique dealer in Brussels, Belgium

Are you looking for an online wholesaler and antique dealer in Brussels (Belgium) or its surroundings? Then have a look at Curious Dealer Belgium, your reference store on the net. 

Large variety of original articles

Curious Dealer Belgium is a company that offers the purchase and sale of many gifts items, secondhand goods, curiosities, antiques, vintage items and decorative objects. It’s also:

  • a delivery service:
  • extensive experience in wholesaling
  • constant arrival of new items (secondhand goods, decorative objects, ...) and regular resupply;
  • the sale and exchange of secondhand, stock-clearing and end of series items;
  • open to new products, exchanges and purchases;
  • a very broad selection of items and the possibility of reserving and ordering.

Expertise and discovery

I’m an online wholesaler but I also provide jewellery appraisals in order to determine the true value of such items. I can easily travel to meet with you and discover many secondhand articles.


Curious Dealer Belgium is located in Brussels, Belgium. To discover all types of objects and new items, I can travel throughout the north of France, Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) and southern Holland. Don’t hesitate to contact me for additional information.





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Reservations - orders

If you’re looking for a stock-clearing wholesaler and antique dealer in Brussels (Belgium) or its surroundings, you’re at the right place. Here, you can reserve one of our items for approximately 48 hours.

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